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Brief description: Overview of espresso history, how espresso machines work, cafe culture. Advanced barista lab experiments
Peregrine Pillar: Education
Sign up for this time if: You're bar trained and want to build perspective and skills around your new craft.
Time: 3 hours
Compensation: collect a milestone.

Upcoming Dates: July 1


Brief class description: Survey of American coffee consumption, intro to extraction science and some lab time.
Peregrine Pillar: Quality: to gain understanding of the culture and science behind coffee. Brew more delicious coffee.
Sign up for this class if: You have completed orientation and Beyond the Basics, and want to trek further into the world of coffee knowledge.

Time: Two hours
Compensation: Collect a milestone.

Upcoming Dates: September 19

Brew Devices Lab

Brief class description: Make coffee a bunch of different ways. Lots of devices will be culled and put out for experimentation. 
Peregrine Pillar: Quality: to practice brewing. Learn how to use new brew devices. Brew more delicious coffee

Time: Up to two hours
Sign up for this class if: You're trying to gain some manual coffee brewing fluency 
Compensation: Companion class to brew devices lab, to collect the lab milestone

Upcoming Dates: August 7

Milk Lab

Brief class description: We'll be steaming milk and practicing latte art
Peregrine Pillar: Quality: to create excellent milk texture and latte art on every drink served to customers. 
Sign up for this class if: You need help with texturing issues, want tips and guidance for pouring better art.
Time: At least 30 minutes and up to an hour, by appointment. If you sign up, I'll reach out to you and we'll work out time details together 
Compensation: companion class to brew devices lab for the lab milestone

Upcoming Dates: August 5

Seed:Cup 1

Brief description: An exploration of coffee origin, botany, and an in-depth dive into the seed:cup story.
Peregrine Pillar: Education: lending context to our everyday craft.
Sign up for this time if: You love lecture and discussion about coffee
Compensation: Collect a milestone

Upcoming Dates: July 18

Open Lab Hours

Brief description: Your time! We'll be at Small Planes and can work on anything you want: learn to cup, master a brew method, do some palate exercises, test a theory of yours. These are all just suggestions; think of this time as "office hours" to do anything you wish.
Peregrine Pillar: Quality, Service, Education: to provide a space and time for expanding baristas' knowledge in all things coffee.
Sign up for this time if: You want some time to work on something, and need me as a sidekick, moral support, or just the person that gets you initially set up. I can be as involved or as hands off as you need.
Time: Up to two hours, and up to you.
Compensation: Not a milestone or paid time...this is just supplemental time and space for you :)  

Upcoming Dates: August 14

Peregrine Barista Certification

Brief Description: Join the ranks of Allison Bouley, Nicole Henderson and Cassie Ash and become a certified Peregrine barista by taking ESPRESSO, passing a written short-answer test, and either completing a practical or performance exam.

Upcoming Dates: July 15

Peregrine Scholar Certification

Brief Description: Baristas wishing to complete a long term project on the subject of coffee (research report, longform essay, video or other) can earn the Peregrine Scholar milestone. Baristas’ final works will be published on our website.

Upcoming Dates: Ongoing. Email to discuss your ideas and begin to develop the scope of your project.

Seed:Cup 2

Brief description: Using menu offering origins as a discussion guide, we'll dive into three specific topics about coffee, including history, supply chain factors, cultural analysis and critique of patterns and trends.
Peregrine Pillar: Education: lending context to our everyday craft.
Sign up for this time if: You love lecture and discussion about coffee
Compensation: Collect a milestone

Upcoming Dates: August 15

Cupping Lab: A Small Planes Collab (coming soon)

Other Educational Opportunities

Summer Coffee Movie Series: Meet up at the roastery, watch a coffee movie and eat snacks. A Film About Coffee, Barista and Baristas will be on view.

Cuppings happen once a month at Small Planes! On the first Friday of the month, chat with Eric, Cassie and Ryan and taste coffees with the people who roast them. Peregrine baristas who attend cuppings get an extra hour of pay.

An area-wide latte art competition happens monthly, hosted by DMV coffee! Peregrine baristas who win one of these throwdowns collect a milestone.