We offer two classes for those who want to learn more about coffee brewing and espresso. Classes are two hours and include a 12 oz bag of whole bean coffee. All classes are held at Union Market. 

Better Brewing at Home

Espresso Fundamentals


Coffee to-go-boxes - $26

Call any location 30 minutes before you plan to pick up for a coffee to-go box. It includes a 96 oz kraft cardboard box of coffee, 8 ounce cups, lids, stirrers, napkins, sugar, Splenda and cream portions. Serves 12 people. Pick up only.

Events - Price variable

We offer catering of brewed coffee, pourover coffee or espresso at your event. Please complete the form below and indicate which service you would like:

Coffee Table: Delivery of brewed coffee in airpots for a self-serve coffee table set up. 

Pourover Bar: Our baristas prepare manually brewed coffee at your event. 

Espresso Bar: Full espresso bar set up at your event staffed with Peregrine baristas.

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